Other Loans

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Personal Loans
Loans are available for just about any purpose: ATVs, campers, boats, vacations, computers, trailers – you name it! Just give us a call at (715)387-8686 with any questions and our friendly lenders will assist you promptly. Or, apply online and a lender will contact you during business hours.

Kwik Cash Line of Credit
In you have a checking account with us you can apply for a Kwik Cash Line of Credit. Credit lines are available up to $5,000 and provide several advantages. First, the rate is great – typically lower than prevailing credit card rates. Second, there are several convenient ways to access your credit line (in person, at an ATM or POS, write a check, or transfer in OASIS). Also, Kwik Cash provides automatic overdraft protection that saves you from paying excessive NSF or overdraft fees.

Student Loans
We do not offer new student loans at this time because Congress changed the Federal Family Education Loan Program. Students must apply for federally-guaranteed loans directly through their school’s financial aid office. The government direct program requires that students complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid each academic year. The application should be completed early each calendar year for school sessions beginning in the fall. Here is a link to the official FAFSA® website:
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