Are you traveling out of town, but would still like access to your money? Convenient options for you offered by MMCCU include:
Shared Branching (over 5,300 locations and counting)
ATM Machines (through Alliance One)
VISA® Travel Cards
VISA® Debit Cards
Purchase Foreign Currency (new service!)


VISA® Travel Cards
The best and most secure way to travel is with our VISA® Travel Money Card. It’s a prepaid card that can be used around the world. Secure because it is decoupled from your credit union accounts so if the card is lost or stolen your accounts are not in jeopardy.
Plus it’s packed with other advantages:
◊ Emergency card replacement
◊ Zero liability protection
◊ 90-day purchase protection
◊ Reloadable from $100 to $5,000
◊ Discounted with Emerald Checking
◊ Travel assistance
◊ Lost luggage reimbursement
◊ 24/7 online access
◊ Accepted worldwide (ATMs too)
◊ No monthly maintenance fee


Foreign Currency
You can now order foreign currency through the credit union! To allow for order time, please give yourself a few days between the time you order the currency and the time you will receive it. The exchange rate will be determined at the time of order, and there is a one-time fee that covers the exchange from and back to US Dollars. Please contact any of our financial service officers to get more information!