Loan Protection

MMCCU is introducing a new line of affordable products aimed at protecting your loan and/or your vehicle in the event something happens to you or your vehicle. These products include:

Mechanical Repair Coverage: helps limit the cost of repairs needed to keep your car running at its best, and best of all, Mechanical Repair Coverage is available regardless of whether you have a loan on the vehicle or not

GAP Plus: helps cover the difference between your loan balance and the amount covered by your insurance company in the event of a total loss or theft loss, plus you may be eligible to cancel a portion of your next loan with MMCCU used for the purchase of your replacement vehicle

Debt Protection: helps make your loan payments in the event of an involuntary unemployment, disability, or death to any protected borrowers

View the videos below to learn more about these wonderful products! Ask one of our financial service officers about these by calling the credit union at (715) 387-8686 or by emailing us at