MMCCU Accepting Applications for Youth Apprenticeship

Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union is currently accepting applications for a Youth Apprenticeship student.

“Essentially, Youth Apprenticeship is a course in school which they receive a credit for,” explained Carol Kulibert, Operations Manager. “The student is allowed to leave early for their job, but they have to be in good academic standing.”

Lukas Post, a current teller at MMCCU started in 2017 through the YA program and has been working at MMCCU ever since.

“In the course that is taken through the school, they teach the students different ways to communicate and be professional at work,” said Post. “They advise you on how to get engage in your job. The YA is a good opportunity for students to learn what they would like to do after graduating.”

“I couldn’t ask for a better employee,” said Kulibert.

For the YA program, MMCCU is hiring a part-time teller, 20 hours per week. The student will enjoy flexible hours, training, and terrific job experience in both customer service and cash handling. Visit MMCCU for more information!